Zeeland, MI: Herman Miller

Visit: We visited with the Archivist and Assistant Archivist. The archives site is huge. We  received a two page overview of the HM Archival Collections.

We looked at many old catalogs, advertisements, and publications. They gave us a tour of the Archival “vault” room where we saw rows and rows of boxes of papers, as well as flat files filled with drawings, almost a million photos, and old and current media.

They gave us several printouts of searches from their internal database. They had one cataloging system for many years, and then a subsequent archivist changed the system, but we did not determine what system was used for access.

Discoveries: Their website has an overview of significant design in the “blog” section which they compiled a while ago. “Discovering Design.” Very well done. We link to that here, and will try to include as many of their designers as we can in our search site index.

They no longer have a physical museum, having donated their collection to the Henry Ford Museum outside Detroit.

Along the way: the town of Holland, MI is a wonderful collection of great restaurants and shops!