Stanford, CA: Stanford University Library, Special Collections

Visit: Meeting with Roberto Trujillo, Director of Rare Books and Special Collections (with the assistance of Andrew Herkovic, Director of Development and former colleague)

We asked first about the Herbert Matter archives.Trujillo had a lot to do with that acquisition. They have the majority of Matter, although there are still some archives in Sweden, and bits and pieces in other places. Standford has about 95% of the Buckminster Fuller archives. They acquired that when someone offered them some of the World Game archives. Trujillo then decided to expand their quest, and they ended up with the whole thing. It was the association of Fuller and Matter that got them the Matter archives, as well.

The Fuller archives include 1000 hours of videotape – 300 have been digitized.

All of their finding aids are in ArchivGrid and the Online Archive of California.  All are EAD format. Can also be found using Stanford SearchWorks.

Discoveries:  there is a DVD “The Visual Language of Herbert Matter” made by Reto Caduff, PiXiv Films – shown at some art houses, not widely distributed.

Norman foster curated a show on Fuller which is currently on travel in Europe. He built a Dymaxion Car.

They just received the Gyory Kepes archives – not yet processed. Stanford has the Apple archives, as well as Ampex (video recorder). Also have Ruth Asawa and Ed Applewhite. They have Doug Englebart (invented the mouse – before Apple). And Stewart Brand.

We saw an Interesting collection of books printed in Japan – design ideas for Kimonos – Zuancho

They have 20,000 or so Artist Books.

[note- Hasso Plattner gave the Design School money. There is an IDEO connection.]