Stanford, CA: Stanford University Art + Architecture Library

Visit: We met with Peter Blank, Stanford Art Librarian.

He showed us their Drupal site, Research Guides, where they presented the user with annotated listings of critical literature in each discipline. Categories included source texts, primary sources, images, online, etc. Complete with scholarly annotation, it was a great example of "Librarian as curator" - the role which librarians are assuming in greater number.

They have a great Visual Resource Center with good online access.

Peter explained the study of Design at Stanford as two types –You can get an MS, and this is in association with mechanical engineering, or a MFA, which is in association with the Arts & Sciences school.

Discoveries: He pointed out to us a website of Helen and Newton Harrison, the list eco-artists – land art movement. Design relates to the environment.

Told us we should talk with Matt Khan, retired, who is a design “evangelist.”