Seattle, WA: Peter Miller Books

Visit: Met with Peter Miller,

Peter operates one of the best Architecture and Design bookstores in the country, and sells design objects, as well.  Peter is a wealth of information and is generous with his time and attention. We highly recommend a visit. Their website posts information about design-related items in the Seattle area:

"We have also added a simple list of design sites in and around Seattle, should you be coming to town. Please stop in the shop, we usually have an idea or two regarding new shows in town, or new exhibits or new restaurants that you might try."

Discoveries: Our interview with Peter uncovered area information and suggestions. He told us about a Seattle woman who wanted to start a design museum, and suggested that we should talk with George Suyama, architect and operates a gallery/designed object shop. George worked with Peter to try to get the design museum going.

According to Peter, basically, most Seattle corporations are "afraid of design". Boeing is trying to repair this. Starbucks is trying to recapture its history.

We should talk with Ed Marquand, book designer and publisher, at Paper Hammer (we did - great shop).

The Museum of History and Industry just got a lot of money.

He suggested we contact Peter Bohlin – architecture firm that designed all of the Apple retail stores. He told us to talk with his associate, Ray Calabro (we did).