Seattle, WA: Henry Art Gallery

Visit: We met with Rachael Faust and Jayme Yeu, as well as Judy Sourakli (collection curator).

Their Study Center makes it possible for students and researchers to examine the materials and physically interact with them. They have users from Art, English, Sciences, graphic and industrial design - a very interdisciplinary set of users.

They have 25,000 items, 18,000 of which are textile and costume design items. About 16k have images.

The Costume and textile collection came from the Home Ec and Theatre departments. Donated to the Henry in the 80s.

Discoveries: All are catalogued, and can been searched in their Digital Interactive Gallery website.

They used Mimsi XG , an Oracle software. Can output to excel (perhaps other formats, too?).Use Getty language – AAT standards.

They try to capture

Where made

Who made

Why made


When made

Stucture/ decoration


Jayme, originally from Minneapolis, told us about a very interesting website developed by