San Francisco, CA: California College of the Arts

Vist: We met with Michael Lordi, Librarian at the San Francisco Campus, which is were the CCA Architecture and Design Department is located.

They do not solicit archival material, so do not have a lot. They do have the archive of Joseph Sinell, who taught industrial design at CCA. It is processed and available.

They also have an unprocessed collection of Walter Landor material. It is 14  boxes of material which was gathered to provide background for a biography of Landor which was commissioned by his deisgn firm (after his death?). Includes transcripts of interviews with people he worked with. The full Landor archive is at the Smithsonian (History Museum in DC – the person who wrote a substantial article about Landor is a staff member at the Smithsonian, which may explain the location). It is possible that the material they have is duplicated by holdings at the Smithsonia.

The actual CCA institutional archives are at the Oakland library. They are in the process of creating a digital archive of the “output of the school.”  This project is led by librarian Emily Haar. They are using Equella software to document this.

They are digitizing the parts of their slide collection that are outside of ArtSTOR holdings.  Most of this is personal collections of faculty which they use in teaching.

Michael van der Byle was a student, faculty, and Chair for many years.

They have begun a Design MBA program.