Rochester, NY: Vignelli Center for Design Studies, RIT

Visit: We met with Roger Remington, long time colleague, and a member of our Advisory Board

RIT  acquired the Vignelli Archive a few years ago (although it was not a formal gift until quite recently). Massimo Vignelli designed the building addition, as well as the office interiors. Through incredible efforts on the part of Roger, it took several years to get the financial support together – much political interaction with Deans and Provosts. Much of their financial support came from Mark Resnick, (Mark Resnick; collector, executive VP, Business Affairs, Twentieth Century Fox). Alos Helen Hamlyn Trust (friend of Massimo – she supports RIT).

The result is the Vignelli Center for Design Studies, a unique design resource. The Vignelli archive has over 500 boxes of papers/ pubs/ etc. plus shelves and shelves of designed objects, posters, oversized items. They also have furniture, architectural models and presentation books and posters.

They are about to hire an archivist to begin the task of cataloging. Currently have a contents list to box level only.

RIT makes their collections available for researchers by appointment.

Discoveries: Among the items in the collection - A vidiodisk (old format) containing 30,ooo graphic design images

Roger Remington’s personal collection of interviews with designers. Most conducted by him, a few are purchased items. All migrated to DVD. There are over 200 of them.

Remington’s collection of slides, also now digital, as well as audio interviews, currently on cassette tape.

Other design info provided by Roger:

Michale Burke has a collection of Braun products

Daniel Ostroff curated the Eames show in CA

Urbach – collection of Swiss posters, Toronto

The Aspen Design conference archives are now at UIC (Univ of Ill, Chicago)