Portland, OR: Pacific Northwest College of Art

Visit: We met with Library Director Dan McClure.

PNCA is over 100 years old. Used to be a museum school. The Portland Art Museum library had archival holdings documenting the old museum school.

PNCA archival holdings are principally institutional – some architectural drawings. They are in the process of moving to a new space, and once they are in the new location archives will be processed.

They school developed software called “homeroom” where a lot of information is collected. The IT folks wrote a special program for the library called “Mimi” which puts their archives online for internal PNCA users. It is built on Open Source software – Ruby on Rails, PHP – the search engine is “Lucene” (?). A demo showed some very nice image zoom capabilities.

The new building with have a “Center for Curatorial Studies.”

PNCA is a part of the new joint MFA program (with OCAC) in collaborative design.

There is something called the Portland Center for Visual Art which attracts big name artists for residences. PNCA has 6 archival boxes of documentation.

All of their guest lectures are documented with videio, but most of them are fine art rather than design.

The editor of “lowercaseUppercase” teaches there – Margaret Richardson


Area sources that bear examination:



Ziba Design (they do have an archivist)

Egg Press ( a Portland letterpress).