Pasadena, CA: Art Center College of Design

Visit: Their archives are principally institutional – papers of the Presidents, the Board, limited number of alumni. Some Ansel Adams materials, prints and catalogs. They have a complete set of college catalogs from beginning. Have architectural drawings of the campus. A former student had collected photographs from early days and they have those in the archives. They have a complete collection of thesis publications. Have complete collection of all College publications, exhibition announcements, flyers.

The library participates in the Online California Archives . They use

the Past/Perfect sytem.  And iTunes University for recording lectures, etc.

Discoveries: They have DVDs of Guest Speaker presentations. There is a complete list on their website of the DVDs. Some Design – but most are fine art. It is also possible that they have DVD documentation of thier Design conferences.

Color trends and materials: they have an exploration lab. There is a collection of new materials / sustainable materials – called CMTEL. This collection has a fulltime manager, Marchal Hanaguchi. The Indutrial Design chair, Karen Hoffman, also works with this collection.

The college has an “Archetype Press” – handpress that produces books. They have a collection of type catalogs.

They have a collection of Corporate design manuals (showed us an old Olivetti manual, for instance).