Northfield, MN: Carlton College

Visit: We met with Victoria Morse, literature professor, and Heidi Eyestone, from the library.

They run a project which is Mellon funded, Visuality across the curriculum. Enhanching teacing with the visual.

Visualizing the Liberal Arts

The project makes grants to faculty to develop curriculum which incorporates the visual.

Recognize the fact that they need a design component to assist their participants in documentation and communication. How do you teach faculty to design effective posters?

Carleton does teach studio art, but not design.  Manual skills are lacking

They have an extensive Artist Books collection (about 400 titles) and  a good collection of facsimile maps (some in an exhibit at the Weitz center).

They have an annual contest for visualizing mathematical models.

One of the most successful projects was one which brought dancer Liz Lehrman to campus, where she applied dance to cross-curricular programs.

Formats: They have an organization called SERC. An IT group. They crate a template, and the drop their information into it.

Discoveries: New Weitz “Center for Creativity” just opened. Former Middle school, renovated. We visited – it is a wonderful space, and an “idea lab” which looked as though it was created through the Viz grant.