Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Digital Content Library

Visit: We met with Rebecca Moss, who is in charge of the digital content library for the school of liberal arts, and also Inga ?, who handled the same for the school of architecture and design. They are both Visual Resource curators.

Most of their archival holdings are images. Began as the slide library, then branched out. A lot of their faculty contribute images to their collections. They get permission from them to make the images available. One especially large collection acquired from a professor who travelled the world taking photographs of religious architecture. For most of their image holdings they own only the digital content, and do not have he physical objects.

They have a collection of postcards acquired from former faculty, as well as a collection of Chinese Posters

They have the complete archives of Cerny (architectural firm)

Each image has a unique URL so that faculty can link to them.

The do not contribute to ArtSTOR.

Format: They catalog into Filemaker, export to MySQL They adapt the VRA terms – using CCO (Cataloging cultural objects).They have several authority files. She downloaded some of these to excel and set them to us.

They have set up access to allow certain categories to have authorized access to certain images. Group one (the public) can get thumbnails,etc. Highest level, the administrators of the file, get up to 5000 pixel jpg images. Faculty can create a “media drawer” for class access to selected images

They do have some student work in the archives, including drawings.

They school does record guest lectures, but this is handled by the library media dept. The videos they do have are streaming, not downloadable. They are careful to cite sources, and use only those that they have purchased, or that have been contributed by faculty.

They are partnering with the Goldstein Museum of Design (St Paul campus) – they have a large collection of furniture, clothing, costume, graphic design, etc.

They suggested that we also contact the American Craft Council, which has moved to Minneapolis from NYC. They have archives. Contact there: Jessica Shaykett (ARLIS member)