Minneapolis, MN: Minneapolis College of Art & Design

Visit: We met with Kevin Byrne, Design faculty, and long time colleague. Kevin was a part of GDEA in the early days, and has known Johan for  many years.

Kevin did an exhibition on Rob Roy Kelly just after his death. He got some of his material from the Walker (where Kelly had worked as designer).  Much of RRK’s early work was in Kansas City. Kevin was in touch with his first wife and son. They had posters.

They had a video of RRK done on retirement, reminisciences.

The two most well know graphic designers who taught at MCAD are Rob Roy Kelly and Peter Seitz. Seitz was German born – ULM, Yale, Worked for IMPei, curator and designer at the Walker. Peter has his own archive, but MCAD has a few pieces by him. Peter retired (professor emeritus) and built a steel house in Pepin, WI

Dwiggens was the first to use the term Graphic Design. (The late Hubert Lecke, Corcoran, studied with Dwiggens).

Target – Robin Waters is the leading design thinker. She is now a consultant. Her husband directed graphic design at Kimberly Clarke.

MCAD student work – they created posters for community. Kevin did a die-line of these. Was an “education exchange project” with other schools (first 5, then 3) that went on for 10-12 years.

MCAD thesis projects – undergrad in the mid 80s – they have copies.

Other MPLS info:

David Ryan, Curator of Design at Minneapolis Institue of Art – they have an international poster collection, and archive of Prarie School architecture.