Leipzig: BMW Factory

Zaha Hadid designed the new BMW plant in Leipzig. It brings a new visual perspective to factory work and organization, as described on their website:

"Is it possible that a certain kind of architecture can positively influence teamwork and productivity within a plant? The Central Building of the BMW Leipzig Plant, designed by the famous architect Zaha Hadid, is the implementation of this idea. This unique building is the centre of communication and it connects all production areas.

The building is the centre of the plant and of all processes. It accommodates large parts of the administration and quality functions and it also connects the production areas. Form and function are combined here. The car bodies are visible from the entrance hall while they are being transported from on production area to the next. The bodies are transported past the desks of managers, designers and specialists and high above the heads of the visitors.

Everything is open and in constant movement. The office area is easily accessible which promotes the exchange of ideas. These transparent structures facilitate quick responses and coordination – a decisive advantage for BMW quality and efficient processes. "