Indianapolis, IN: Indianapolis Museum of Art

Visit: We met with R. Craig Miller, Curator of Design. Craig came to Indianappolis four years ago from the Denver Art Museum, which is where we first met him.

He was involved in working with the Museum's addition of the Miller House – the J Irwin Miller family house designed by Saarinen in Columbus, IN. was give to IMA just after he arrived. They had drawn up plans for a $2.5million restoration, but had to put that on hold, and opened the house without the restoration.

They are currently putting together a 10,000 SF permanent exhibit in their Eward Larabee Barnes designed space. It will be the largest exibit of contemporary design in the world when complete.  It will show about 250-350 objects, but they plan to have a viewable “reserve collection” in a study area.

The collection holds about 5000 objects. Until 1971, the IMA was a part of the Herron School of Design. They became separate, but the objects were not well cataloged until 1980 or so. Several computer system changes. Format: they are currently using EMu – system for the registrar. All new acquisition is going into this.

Their website gets 500,000 hits per year.

Bradley Brooks is their historic preservationist, responsible for the Lily house, and working on the Miller House project.

Info on other places:

Herman Miller collections went not only to the Henry Ford Museum, but to a number of other museums which are located in places where Herman Miller had a presence: High Mus in Atlanta, San Francisco MoMA, etc.

Vitra – Rolf Fehlbaum bought many prototypes for Eames furniture, as well as other furniture archival collections for the Vitra Design Museum.  We should check to see what they have.