Finnish Industrial Design Archives

We were made aware of this great resource thought conversation with the folks at Aalto University, and met with the new archivist, Heidi Huovinen.

A recently established program, housed as a part of the Finnish Business archives, which seeks to house deposits of archives of Finnish industrial designers and firms. They collect papers, photos, media, models, objects.

Finnish Industrial Design Archives (FIDA) is an industrial design archive operating in conjunction with the Central Archives for Finnish Business Records. FIDA began its operations in 2010 and its aim is to document and promote research on industrial and user-centric design. Designarkivet in Stockholm is its model as well as a co-operation partner.

FIDA receives documents related to industrial design from designers, design agencies and companies. The material includes contract and project documents, negotiation memoranda, brochures, drawings, pictures, models, prototypes and finished products, for instance.

FIDA organises and catalogues the materials and stores them permanently in archive-quality storage media and facilities. Furthermore, FIDA takes care of information services related to industrial design documents. In addition to providing researcher hall and remote loan services, FIDA maintains a website offering information on industrial design and designers as well as showcasing materials in a digital format, as web exhibitions for instance.


This section guides you to Elka’s archive databases, which offer the opportunity to examine the detailed content of the archives as well as digitised documents.

Archives and Documents