Finish Design Museum

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The Finnish Design Museum is a specialist museum that selects and maintains a design collection. The museum is responsible for research and documentation in its field, and for holding exhibitions on design history and contemporary products. The museum also organizes international exhibitions on Finnish art and design.

It was founded in 1873 as a study collection for the arts and crafts school, and has operated in its current premises since 1978. The museum building was designed in 1894 by architect Gustaf Nyström. In 1989, the Foundation of the Museum of Art and Design was established to support the activities of Designmuseum.

We met with the Director, Jukko Savoleinen, who told us about their efforts to record information.

They have a database that documents their collection. About 1000 designers in the database (according to the sign in their lobby). Not available on the internet yet.

They are participating in an international project to integrate museum holdings in a database with other European museums..