Dessau: Bauhaus Archiv Dessau

The Archiv at Dessau is located in the renovated brewery about 500 meters from the Bauhuas central building. The Archives were not open on the day we visited, but we got info on the archivist. She is Fau Ziegner, email  We have a brochure describing the archive.

The archive with the depot includes the legacies and collections of 168 Bauhaus teachers and students, preserving sources of mainly private or institutional origin and providing a wealth of information on the Bauhaus lines of development and the stages of its history. They include some 25,000 originals, thematic documents, eyewitness reports, findings from building research and the renovation of Bauhaus buildings and other examples of modern architecture. The archive can be searched via a database and printed catalogues.

The extensive historical collections include the legacies of Franz Ehrlich, Carl Fieger, Reinhold Rossig, Friedrich and Alma Else Engemann, and Konrad Püschel, partial legacies of Hannes Meyer and Lena Meyer-Bergner, a bundle of papers on Marianne Brandt and the group of works from the Bröhan Collection.

The collection of photographic documents and videos includes material on the Foundation´s projects, the history of the Bauhaus with its workshops, the curriculum, architecture, life at the Bauhaus, the history of the institution and its institutional development.

The archives of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation include a construction archive. This keeps a stock of documents and research findings for in-house research and for study by other individuals and institutions.The archives are open to the public by arrangement and include the following parts:

Photographic records (original and present-day photos)

Documentary records (original plans, current plans, expert reports, studies, restoration documents, surveyors measurements, magazine articles)

Structural components from the original buildings and throughout their history (windows, doors, switches, plus copies of original products)

Materials from the original buildings and throughout their history (plaster, paint, samples of concrete etc.)

External archives (collection and evaluation of documents)

Literature on building designs, techniques and materials

Eyewitness reports about construction, restoration and users

Recently the three institutions launched a joint website. Everything worth knowing about the past and present of the Bauhaus is now available on A comprehensive atlas provides information on people, locations and works, the calendar gathers events and exhibitions, and our magazine takes a fresh look at the Bauhaus cosmos – everything from everyday life to research. The new site is a joint project of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, the Klassik Stiftung Weimar and the Bauhaus Archive Berlin.