Denver, CO: Kirkland Museum

Visit: We visited their Registrar, Christopher Herron.

They have about 3300 pieces on view (one-tenth of the collection as a whole). The Museum opened in 2005, and Christopher has been documenting the collection since then.

They use an ArtSystems program called GalleryPro, and he knows he can export to text files and excel spreadsheets.

Their collection was developed by the Colorado painter Vance Kirkland, who was interested in decorative art and thought that exhibiting it might bring people in to see the paintings, as well. The collection is both decorative art (principally Modernist) and paintings, but the majority of holdings are the decorative arts. Lots of glass. Very interesting furniture collection.

Discoveries: We saw many pieces of furniture we had never seen before. Several by Michael McCoy (they curated an exhibition for them a couple years ago).

He uses auction catalogs as source of information for cataloging when he does not have info in their own files. The auction houses most likely to carry modernist pieces:

            LA Modern,  Treadway / Tumi – Chicago and Cincinnati (they work together), Wright (Chicago?,  Rego in New Jersy.