Denver, CO: Denver Art Museum

Visit: We visited Darrin Alfred, Design Curator.  He initially came to the DAM to lead the project to process the AIGA archives, and has subsequently become curator.

They have been processing the AIGA Archives for the past two years, and expect to complete inventory and imaging, as well as storage of the 8000 items by mid 2012. They are using the ARGUS system for this data capture. They got one NEA grant ($75K) and have applied for IMLS funding. These funds have made it possible for Darrin to hire two part time assistants to work on the project.

The DAM also holds the Herbert Beyer archives. This is not a part of the Design department, and is under the control of Gwen Chanzit, curator.

None of their collection is available online. They are in process of redesigning their website and hope to make some of if available before long.

Discoveries: In addition to the 8000 AIGA items, DAM also has about 4000 other design items, all catalogued in ARGUS. This includes 875 Psychedelic Posters (the object of a curated exhibition a year or so ago) – one of the most significant collections of this type.

Darrin had curated a wonderful small exhibtion of Coors porcelain.

The AIGA Archives database which is currently online was designed by Julie Beeler, of Second Story, in Portland, OR.