Cupertino, CA: Apple

Visit: We met with former student and Apple designer (working with interface design) Caroline Furches Cranfill.

We had heard in various conversations prior to our visit that there did not seem to be any formal archives at Apple.

We had, on the other hand, heard from Stanford that they had the Apple archives, including some of the early objects (eg, computers). Subsequent research and conversations suggest that this archive was acquired by Stanford shortly after Steve Jobs returned to Apple in the mid 90s. We also heard from SFMoMA that they had tried to acquire Apple archives, and had been told by the Apple Press contact team that Apple had their own museum.

Discoveries: We had a wonderful visit, and we were told that Johan should ecourage students to apply for jobs at Apple. They are especially interested in folks who have a team-spirit attitude, and shy away from the Prima Donna.

The Apple comany store - where Caroline helped us purchase unique gift items, including a T-shirt that boasted: "I visited the Apple campus in California, but that's all I'm allowed to say."