Chicago, IL: Thirst Design

Visit: This design firm is headed by Rick Valicenti. He was unable to meet us, but left us in the good hands of Bud Rodecker and his colleague, who talked with us about Chicago area design, as well as their own archives.

They have an extensive archive, which is partially catalogued in a spreadsheet program. Have transferred most of their archive to hard drives, but some still on CDs. Using a software called “CD Finder” to document.

They made us aware that the Society for Typographic Art was back in business, and told us about the Chicago Design Archive, which led to our attending an opening reception for an STA exhibition, where we learned more, and met the folks involved.

Their new website will be a portfolio/database, which will allow the user to search as well as to view the digitized work.

Discoveries: They have a collection of slides of Polish posters that Robert Vogel left with their office several years ago.

He told us about the Rob Roy Kelly Wood type project.