Chicago, IL: Morningstar

Visit: We met with Philip Burton, who is on our Advisory Board. Another old colleague, and friend of Armin and Dorothea Hofmann.

He took us on a tour of the wonderful new Morningstar building. It is an amazing array of well-designed furnishings, lighting, signage, architecture. Phil is the Art Director for Morningstar (as well as design professor at the University of Illinois Chicago), and has a staff of 60 designers.

He has been working with Dorothea Hofmann on a history of the school at Brisaggo, Switzerland. He  told us about the Brisaggo reunion – there were 65 former students in attendance. The event was documented. (Contact Jean Craig to to get this information)

All in all a great visit, wonderful meal, inspiring design.

Discoveries: Phil told us that UIC has a collection called “27 Chicago Designers” – to learn more contact Anne Weller.