Chicago, IL: Illinois Institute of Technology /Design Archives

Visit: We met with Catherine Bruck, the Archivist. She arrived in 1998 and realized immediately that the Institute of Design archives needed attention. She began cataloging, and it is now completed. – both the old “founding colletions” files, and the new ones that were transferred to the main campus from the ID campus.

They have 444 archive boxes of matrial coveing the 1955-1990 era.

Content: Thesis projects. Photography is the majority. Catalogued down to the folder level (which is almost item level) Includes anything that had an accession number.

Architecture theses are bound books. Don’t have those. ID students created nontraditional theses not bound books. In different medi. Often oversized and fragile.

Some alums have begun to send archives of all the things they created while an ID student. They accept collections only if they are in good condition and somewhat organized.

None of their archives are digitized – problem with copyright concerns.

The College of Architecture does not have a separate archive, they are incorporated into the institutional archives.

MoMA has the Mies archive. IIT has very little Mies material, No models at all.

They do have the Koolhaus building model – it is on exhibit in the building. They have complete records of the competiton, negotiations,etc.

They do not routinely collect syllabi.

The IIT Archives collects physical materials, not digital. The Galvin Library has set up an Institutional Repository for collecting materials that are born digital or digitized.

When Maholy Nagy died, they moved the Institute of Design into IIT, to the College of Architecture, Planning and Design, then subsequently pulled it out into separate department. Systems Design is currently the most active program at the Institute of Design . Chuck Owen has been teaching it for many years. He created a Powerpoint presentation that documented student output of that program on a year-by-year basis. The IIT Archives does have a printed copy of that.

See the Archives website for complete info on their holdings. Very well done, and an excellent information source.

Format: Began just using a Word doc, but now they are using “re-discovery” by Proficio. Can output a MARC record (not sure about  excel). Generally all records are published to the Internet as they are catalogued.

Discoveries: The Institute of Design Collections are summarized here - see the last several pages.

You can also find collections guides (ID, architecture, Mies, Moholy, and others) on the archives website.

To see the detailed finding aid (inventory) of any of the collections listed in those documents go here. Then scroll to the relevant collection number and click the "expand collection" [+] button at the left to see if there are any sub-records in addition to the link for the collection record.  You need to click each link separately to open it.  Some finding aids have not been published yet, but could be available to serious researchers by contacting the Archives.