Artek Open Archives

Adding your own images to the Open Archives is easy. You simply upload the image, state who the photographer is, add your e-mail and you're set. By also adding in which city and country the image was taken, Artek is able to create a global map of the Artek community. Images won't appear automatically in the Artek open archives as we first need to verify that they don't contain any inappropriate material.

If you wish to browse the images, you can navigate by clicking the individual images or the sidebar arrows to move more quickly through the gallery. When you hover the images with your cursor you will see that tags appear. The tags contain additional information about the image and the objects in it. Many of the tags feature links and by clicking them, you will be taken to Artek's main site where you can explore and find out more information about the context of the images; objects, exhibitions, designers.

When you see an image you especially like, you have the option of directly sharing that image with friends via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. There is also the option of embedding the image on your own blog or site. You find these features by hovering the top left corner of the image.