Visits and Discoveries

Chicago, IL: Chicago Design Archive / Society of Typographic Arts

Visit: Met Jack Weiss, President of the Society of Typographic Arts.

We attended the opening of the annual exhibition of the STA Chicago Design Archives. They have been collecting for years, and have an annual competition. 

Jack was responsible for salvaging...

Chicago, IL: Wright Auction House

Visit: Wright Action House.

Auction house specializing in modernist furniture and art.

Their catalogs are all digitized and searchable, and include sales prices when applicable.

Great resource for information on 20th C design

Chicago, IL: Thirst Design

Visit: This design firm is headed by Rick Valicenti. He was unable to meet us, but left us in the good hands of Bud Rodecker and his colleague, who talked with us about Chicago area design, as well as their own archives.

They have an extensive archive, which is...

Columbus, IN: Architectural Archive

Visit: The relatively small town of Columbus, Indiana is the home of buildings by almost every major architect building since the mid-twentieth century. We roamed the streets marveling at the juxtaposition of buildings by Pei, Saarinen, Pelli, Meier - the list goes on and on...

Indianapolis, IN: Indianapolis Museum of Art

Visit: We met with R. Craig Miller, Curator of Design. Craig came to Indianappolis four years ago from the Denver Art Museum, which is where we first met him.

He was involved in working with the Museum's addition of the Miller House...

Rochester, NY: Vignelli Center for Design Studies, RIT

Visit: We met with Roger Remington, long time colleague, and a member of our Advisory Board

RIT  acquired the Vignelli Archive a few years ago (although it was not a formal gift until quite recently). Massimo Vignelli...

Rochester, NY: RIT Carey Collection Design Archives

Visit: We met with Kari Horowicz, Archivist, and Stephen Galbraith, Assoc. Archivist.

The Cary collection is a rare book collection which tracks the history and development of typography. From cuneiform to present day. Books arranged on the shelf by type designer....

Asheville, NC: Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center

Visit: Met with Alice Sebrell, the Program Director for the Museum. While the College is no longer operating (it began in 1933 and closed in 1957) it's influence on the development of arts education continues to be studied to this day. To quote their website:


Essen: Folkwang Universty of the Arts

We arrived just in time to view the opening of the end-of-year exhibition of student work. Folkwang was founded on the principle of cross-disciplinary arts eduction. They have a particulary good interdisciplinary design program, as stated on their website:

"Well-trained designers make...

Essen: Zollverein Industrial Park

The Zollverein Industrial Complex is the city's most famous landmark. For decades, the coal mine (current form mainly from 1932, closed in 1986) and the coking plant (closed in 1993) ranked among the largest of their kinds in Europe. Shaft XII, built in Bauhaus style, with its characteristic...