Visits and Discoveries

Stanford, CA: Stanford University Art + Architecture Library

Visit: We met with Peter Blank, Stanford Art Librarian.

He showed us their Drupal site, Research Guides, where they presented the user with annotated listings of critical literature in each discipline. Categories...

Cupertino, CA: Apple

Visit: We met with former student and Apple designer (working with interface design) Caroline Furches Cranfill.

We had heard in various conversations prior to our visit that there did not seem to be any formal archives at Apple.

We had, on the other hand,...

Marin, CA: Gordon & Patti Chiang

Visit: Visit with old friends, who showed great patience when our car broke down, requiring an extended visit.

Discoveries: Eichler. Our friends were exploring real estate, and introduced us to the houses built by developer Eichler in the 60s. Their...

San Francisco, CA: AICAD

Visit: We met with Bill Barrett, Excutive Director (at that time - he was planning retirement soon) and former Corcoran colleague.

Bill has been supportive of the Design Information Alliance, and very helpful in assisting us with contacting folks who can add to our...

Berkeley, CA: Berkely Environmental Design Library

Visit: Spoke first with the Environmental Design Librarian, David Eifler, and then with Miranda Hambro, who is the Assistant Curator of the EDArchives. The Archives are funded by the University (rather than library) so somewhat detached.

They have collected archives...

San Francisco, CA: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Visit: We met with Jennifer Dunplop Fletcher, Design Curator.

SFMoMA began collecting design in 1983. Their collection is about 1/3 local, 1/3 national, and 1/3 international

There are three threads to their collecting:  Experimental architecture (others are...

San Francisco, CA: California College of the Arts

Vist: We met with Michael Lordi, Librarian at the San Francisco Campus, which is were the CCA Architecture and Design Department is located.

They do not solicit archival material, so do not have a lot. They do have the archive of Joseph Sinell, who taught industrial...

San Francisco, CA: Japonesque Gallery

Discoveries: Japonesque is a cross between gallery and museum, providing calm space for large stone structures, as well as beautifully designed objects. We bought a cast metal dish, and it was wrapped with such attention to detail and beauty that we haven't been able to unwrap...

San Francisco, CA: William Stout Bookstore

Discoveries: This is one of the rare remaining bookstores specializing in Architecture and Design books. They have also begun to publish a few titles under their own lable. Stout has been around for decades, and we hope it remains strong. It is a wonderful resource.

Redding, CA: Calatrava's Sundial Bridge

Visit: On our travel between San Francisco and Portland, we passed through Redding, California.

Discoveries: A fantastic piece of sculpture designed to be a bridge, but also function as a Sundial. It is well worth a special trip to see this beautiful...