DIA’s purpose is to identify, archive and make freely available resources for the study and practice of design and design research in multiple disciplines and formats to enhance the practical, aesthetic and socially responsible goals of design in society to advance design awareness.

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Johan and Susan Severtson embarked this past year on a cross-country "Find Design" roadtrip. Their 19 foot Airstream provided both home and office. They visited over 50 different source locations, including Colleges and Universities, Museums, Manufacturers, and design documentation projects undertaken by private individuals and organizations. See a timeline description of their visits and links to discoveries.

Design Information Alliance

Find Design: Search

We are compiling a prototype search site which will allow users to find design-related content across disciplines and information type. We will include

Archives - Libraries - Web resources - Organizations - And myriad other resources to support and inspire the practicing design professional and the serious researcher.

The searchable database is in process, but in the meantime, please explore our "visits and discoveries" section, and do try the website search function (upper right box) - it will retrieve items we have included in our roadtrip descriptions.


In order to accomplish our long-term goals, DIA will create an alliance which includes the cooperative participation of many organizations and repositories. Organizations may be productive partners in resource identification and many of them have already agreed to participate and/or to support our efforts.

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Visits & Discoveries

From Rhode Island to Michigan, to Colorado - then Texas, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington. And back again through Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, and New York. Read a description of the 2011 Find Design Roadtrip.

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